For premium quality industrial use aluminum products in Kuwait, contact Elite Group of Companies

Aluminum is a light and quite durable metal that is used for wide range of purposes. From airplanes to skyscrapers and our utensils, aluminum is one of the widely used metals in our modern life. The reason behind its extensive use, are few specific properties of aluminum which make it light weight, non-corrosive and good thermal conductor.

These properties of aluminum make it perfect to be used in machinery, construction and different type of molding works. Aluminum’s high ductility helps it in taking any shape through aluminium extrusion process, which makes it easy for the fabricators to mold it any shape as per the customer’s requirement. All these features cannot be enjoyed in any other metal because of which aluminum is considered as a unique metal.

In recent time Kuwait has witness a serious growth in the demand of industrial aluminum product like aluminium sheet, coils, coated profiles and many more. Seeing this as a great business opportunity, UAE’s leading aluminum products manufacturer’s Eilte Group of Companies, opened a production unit on the soil of Kuwait.

Equipped with latest machines and team of experienced fabricators, this production unit is fully capable in meeting all the small, big and specialized demands of our customers. Our quality products, stringent quality tests and reliable customer services have helped us in becoming one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of Powder Coated Profiles in Kuwait.

In very less time, Elite Group of Companies has been able to earn good market reputation which helped us in getting associated with several renowned Kuwait based companies. Because of our quality services we have also been awarded with “QUALICOAT” & “QUALANOD” and also an ISO 9001:2008 certified company.

Our main aim is to become global leader in the aluminum industry, and our quality products & services are helping us in reaching top position. We offer wide range of products which include:

· aluminium extrusion dies

· Aluminum sheets and coils

· Coated profiles

· Anodized profiles.

Get to through our entire range, feel free to visit us at www.elitegroupuae.com